Our Facilities

Careers Advice

Expert advice is on hand to guide you in making realistic and effective decisions to achieve your career goals. The service is confidential and impartial and provides advice on the following:

  • Researching university top-up courses
  • Making an application to a university
  • Preparing a personal statement
  • Writing a CV
  • Job search techniques
  • Preparing for interviews

Student Support

SSC recognises that many of our students may not have undertaken any formal study for some time, or will be juggling their studies with family or work commitments. The Student Support team is here to help keep you on track and to assist with any obstacles you may come across.
Whether your problem is study-related or personal, Student Support will:

  • Offer confidential and impartial advice on any matter that is obstructing your learning. In any case where we are unable or are under limitations to provide you with the necessary help you need, for example childcare, we will direct you to the correct resources
  • Assist with any queries regarding your course or the SSC, including formal complaints against staff or peers
  • Provide effective and manageable solutions to limit any negative impact on your academic work or mental well being
  • Provide academic support from lecturers if English is not your native language
  • Help reduce any barriers to learning

Academic Support

The SSC has set up a special centre which supports students who have missed or are falling behind on assignments. Students may be contacted by the Centre, referred to it by a lecturer, or can make an appointment through Student Services.

You can book an appointment by contacting Student Services.

Contact: studentsupport@suresuccesscollege.co.uk

IT Support

Our IT Support can help with the following issues:

  • ID Cards
  • User Accounts
  • Assignment Submission Support
  • Assignment IT Software Support
  • Troubleshooting any access, hardware or software problems
  • Virtual Learning Environment Support

You can get in touch with the IT Support team via email at: itsupport@suresuccesscollege.co.uk

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