Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration (RQF)

Course Description

Qualification Objective

The objective of this qualification is to support a role in the workplace. This qualification is aimed at learners working in a senior business administration role. It aims to develop learners’ knowledge and understanding across a range of administrative practices and tasks, e.g. managing information. It forms the knowledge and competency requirements of the Advanced Apprenticeship Framework in Business Administration. It can also be used on a stand-alone basis.

Awarding and Equivalences

The Highfield Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration (RQF) is awarded by Highfield Qualifications and sits on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). The RQF is an English framework regulated by Ofqual. It is also suitable for delivery in Wales and Northern Ireland and is regulated by Qualification Wales and CCEA Regulation respectively.

Key Facts
  • Qualification number: 601/4029/X
  • Learning aim reference: 6014029X
  • Credit value: 58
  • Assessment method: Portfolio of evidence
  • Guided learning hours (GLH): 282
  • Total qualification time (TQT): 580
Qualification Structure

To complete the Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration (RQF), learners must achieve all 58 credits from the follwoing courses where a minimum of 40 credits must be achieved through completion of units at level 3 and above.

  • * Communicate in a business environment (Y/506/1910) - Level 3 - Credit:4
  • * Manage personal and professional development (T/506/2952) - Level 3 - Credit:3
  • * Principles of business communication and information (R/506/1940) - Level 3 - Credit:4
  • * Principles of administration (Y/506/1941) - Level 3 - Credit:6
  • * Principles of business (D/506/1942) - Level 3 - Credit:10
  • Contribute to the improvement of business performance (D/506/1911) - Level 3 - Credit:6
  • Develop a presentation(K/506/1913) - Level 3 - Credit:3
  • Deliver a presentation (M/506/1914) - Level 3 - Credit:3
  • Create bespoke business documents (T/506/1915)- Level 3 - Credit:4
  • Analyse and present business data (M/506/1945) - Level 3 - Credit:6
  • Produce business documents (Y/506/1809) - Level 2 - Credit:3
  • Store and retrieve information (R/506/1811) - Level 2- Credit:4
  • Produce minutes of meetings (Y/506/1812 ) - Level 2- Credit:3
  • Handle mail (D/506/1813) - Level 2- Credit:3
  • Administer the recruitment and selection process (A/506/1883) - Level 2- Credit:3
  • Manage team performance (A/506/1821) - Level 3- Credit:4
  • Manage individuals performance (J/506/1921) - Level 3- Credit:4
  • Procure products and/or services (M/506/1928) - Level 3- Credit:5
  • Implement change (T/506/1929) - Level 3- Credit:5

* Mandatory Units

Entry Requirments

It is recommended that learners have a basic level of literacy and numeracy before enrolling onto this course. This qualification is approved for delivery to learners aged 16+.

Guidance on assessment

This qualification is assessed through completion of a portfolio of evidence, which will be internally assessed and internally quality assured by the centre.


On successful completion of this qualification, learners may wish to continue their development by undertaking one of the following qualifications:

  • Highfield Level 3 Diploma in Management (RQF)
  • Level 4 qualifications in Management


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